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What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

A medical weight loss program is a comprehensive approach to weight loss that combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with evidence-based strategies and techniques. Medical weight loss is designed to help you achieve long-term success by addressing the underlying causes of obesity and addressing your unique individual needs. So what are the advantages of a medical weight loss program, and how can they be more successful for your weight loss goals compared to “going it alone”?

1. Supervision and Support

The primary advantage of a medical weight loss program is the very fact that they are medically supervised. This means that a qualified healthcare professional will monitor your progress, provide guidance, and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan. This gentle oversight that you’ll receive from a weight loss doctor, nutrition coach and other professionals can help ensure that you are losing weight in a safe and healthy manner, and can also prevent common pitfalls and obstacles such as plateauing or regaining lost weight.

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2. A Tailored Plan of Action

Medical weight loss involves an individualized treatment plan that is formulated from a comprehensive evaluation of everything about you, from your health history to your physical condition. This personalized weight loss plan is designed to address your specific needs and attain your personal goals with consideration of your personal circumstances.

3. Diet, Exercise and Behavior

The goal of medical weight loss isn’t just to eliminate the fat, but to eliminate the underlying factors that led to the weight gain in the first place. A medical weight loss program usually involves a combination of diet plans, structured exercise routines, and behavior modification strategies such as stress management techniques and emotional eating counseling. These strategies ensure that individuals can develop healthy habits to maintain their weight loss and fitness long after they complete the program.

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4. Medical Management

At a medical weight loss clinic, a treatment plan will also be put in place to address and medical conditions that may be contributing to weight gain, such as diabetes or thyroid disorders, allowing individuals to not only lose weight, but also improve their overall general health.

5. Long-Term Maintenance and Support

Medical weight loss clinics also often provide regular long-term follow-up appointments, which allow you to monitor and review your progress with your healthcare team and obtain additional support and guidance as you need it. This support can be beneficial for individuals who have struggled with weight loss in the past, prevent relapse, and ensure long-term success is sustained.

Medical Weight Loss Program Fort Myers

Where Can I Find a Weight Loss Clinic Near Me?

Medical weight loss programs are becoming an increasingly popular pathway for individuals seeking to attain their weight loss goals once and for all. Residents of Florida can book a consultation at Fountain of Youth, and take the first leap to a healthier and happier future.

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