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Fountain of Youth of Fort Myers, FL is happy to announce we are offering TeleHealth services for our patients. Skip the traffic and hassle of showering, just throw on a shirt and whip out your phone. Reach out to Fountain of Youth today!


Personalized medical expertise delivered right to the comfort of your home.

At Fountain of Youth, we believe that healthcare should be accessible to everyone, tailored to fit the individual needs and lifestyles of each person. Through our telehealth program, our expert wellness coordinators are available to assist you in meeting your desired health goals with personalized consultations.

Using the latest telemedicine technology, Fountain of Youth connects you with one of our trained medical professionals with just a few clicks. Our team is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and quality care so that you can embark on your path towards better health and wellbeing right away.

Moreover, Fountain of Youth also offers a convenient blood work concierge service for our clients, allowing them access to lab tests without having to leave their homes or wait in lines. We understand how valuable time is and strive to make health care easier, more convenient and more effective for those who need it most. With a tailored approach focused on each person’s specific needs and goals, Fountain of Youth’s telehealth services will get you closer than ever before to achieving optimal wellness. it can be difficult to make it to a lab, that’s why we bring the lab to you by going to your home to take the blood samples, so you can receive the same quality of service you would expect from a traditional lab, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.